10th birthday of the Business Cafe : Is there a corporate life after a burnout?

Put yourself first, live by your own rules, and reject the socially acceptable norm of capitalistic career brutality

Guests Aljoša Bagola, Biljana Ignatovska, Krešo Rogoz and Dario Bujas, at last week’s 58th Business Cafe in Zagreb told us more about how (not) to burnout and even in our own businesses. The event was held at the Hotel Diplomat, where Business Cafe, with its founder Kristina Ercegović, also celebrated its 10th birthday.

Aljoša Bagola, a slovenian author of the book How to burnout and take hold of your life, told us how he coped with his burnout. He stated that the syndrome is actually a consequence of career brutality: When we make an inventory of what is really important to us – we realize that the most of our lives we live by other people’s expectations. As we violate our values, we are going to burn out someday. After the burnout, Aljoša started doing what really fulfills him and became the creative director of the decade. He concluded that we all need to believe in ourselves, and also our lives. We need to stop imitate someone else’s success, and live by capitalist norms (like multitasking) which have become success medals of modern world.

Biljana Ignatovska, the owner of the first polyclinic for plastic surgery in Croatia (Polyclinic Arcadia Daruvar) explained the physical manifestations of burnout. Stress is the natural and normal defensive reaction of the body, but the problem occurs when this stimulus is constantly at its highest level. This is reason why so many people have asthma, gastritis, etc. I wanted to have an ‘A’ in everything in life. We all patch up our wounds and sense of inferiority in one way or another, said Biljana. She concluded that the most important thing to do is to accept responsibility for your own life.

The owner of the travel agency for adrenaline tours, Croatia Open Land, Krešo Rogoz, said that he has not burnout (yet), but he think the reason to that is nature. He stated that we all need to to do something just for ourselves from time to time and find activities that make us happy. For Krešo, those are diving, rafting… He suggested to the audience to stay by the river (or watter in nature) because he thinks water purifies us.

The last guest, Dario Bujas, the owner of Nila Media Group and the company Kuća zdravlja, connected the physical in us with spirituality. He explained that everyone has a different perspective on life, and our primary goal, in order not to burn out, is to purify our own minds. Cleaning the mind is cited as the first way to treat illness. We can compare life with riding a wild horse. He constantly throws us, but it is up to us to restrain him and then enjoy where he will take us. The easiest thing to do in life is to give up, said Dario.

All the guests, along with the audience, concluded that we should include all aspects of life, realize where we play by other people’s rules, an finally realize that we matter to ourselves. Kristina Ercegović concluded that there is no magic formula for burnout recovery, but its consequences will surely make us aware what we have done wrong in life so far. We will realize where we have violated our main values, and lived life as socially acceptable, but not healthy for human mind, body and soul.