Close and like-minded partners

The countries that share the same values have to work together, and Australia and Croatia are increasingly using this opportunity to expand their cooperation in the international arena and at the bilateral level. That momentum is here to stay.

Over the last two years, Australian Ambassador, H.E. Ms Elizabeth Petrovic, has been witnessing many positive developments in the bilateral relationship between her country and Croatia. These achievements are built upon long-standing friendship, says the Ambassador. Continue Reading →

We are heading towards a politically fragmented scene

Somewhat absurdly, voter turnout is the highest in presidential election, although the country’s president has the least influence on daily lives of voters. This is just one of the reasons why we are facing a very uncertain battle for the Croatian ‘throne’, which is likely to be anything but interesting. I would like nothing more to be wrong regarding this, because, in that case, both voters and candidates would profit.

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The Supreme Court of Spain decided

In its judgment on the procès, the Supreme Court of Spain has sentenced Oriol Junqueras to 13 years’ imprisonment and 13 years’ absolute ineligibility for public office, and Raül Romeva, Jordi Turull and Dolors Bassa to 12 years’ imprisonment and 12 years’ absolute ineligibility for public office. In all four cases, the defendants have been convicted of an offence of sedition, and an offence of misuse of public funds – aggravated by reason of its amount – for the purpose of committing the principal offence of sedition.

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Everybody wants reforms but not in their backyard

Thanks to measures implemented by the Ministry, 20,000 young families will have their home by the end of next year. This is only one of the results of the reforms in the construction and spatial planning segment which ensure renovation of hospitals, schools and houses, more efficient issuing of building permits and promoting investments in tourism.

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The Brand New Heavies & Prince’s band, The New Power Generation are coming to Zagreb

Funky autumn at Musicology Barcaffe Sessions concert series.

After the opening of the new Musicology Barcaffe Sessions season in Zagreb, where the French-Moroccan singer and songwriter Hindi Zahra held an outstanding concert in September at Tvornica kulture, performing in Croatia for the first time, the audience will be able to enjoy performances of two amazing bands in the autumn part of the season.

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