Valamar – two new five-star summer resorts, investment worth half a billion kuna

Guests are very impressed with the newly renovated Valamar Collection Marea Suites 5* in Poreč, designed for a luxurious family holiday, and with a premium camping resort Istria Premium Camping Resort 5*.

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We are bringing Croatia closer to the world

Croatia is a country that offers an array of quality tourist products, excellent accommodation and a richness of diversity throughout the country.

It is our mission to bring Croatia closer to the world as a quality year-round destination and activities conducted by the Croatian Tourist Board are moving precisely in this direction, stated the Director of Croatian Tourist Board (CTB), Kristijan Staničić, for our magazine.

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Has Tito finally been sussed out?

You knew nothing about Tito and what you thought you knew was mostly inaccurate. In the book titled “Tito’s Secret Empire,” we give answers to questions about his career. Perhaps all the answers are not correct, but they are thoroughly investigated – says Denis Kuljiš, who wrote his second book on the enigma that is Tito.

Once you start talking with Denis Kuljiš you cannot stop. And it seems that the talk about the former Yugoslav president, Josip Broz Tito never ceases, so much so that Kuljiš has written his second book, called “Tito’s Secret Empire” about him, in collaboration with his tragically deceased writing partner, William Klinger. We started our interview with Tito’s body of political work and later switched over to talking about his successors in the ex-Yugoslav republics.

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Health and relaxation are our trump cards

Our main trump cards are rural households and wine roads, health and religious tourism, as well as adventurous and bike tourism. We constantly pay attention to creating new products that would be of interest to active tourists.

Croatia and Zagreb County are highly regarded due to a number of interesting cultural and natural attractions and very popular tourist destination in Europe. „Our vision is to become one of the well-known European destinations“, Ivana Alilović, Director of the Zagreb County Tourist Board states.

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NEM 2019 Has Started: Exclusive Opening with Pickbox NOW Birthday Party

The seventh edition of New Europe Market, an exclusive event gathering the best media professionals with a focus on the CEE region, has officially opened today in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Pickbox NOW’s fifth birthday party with the performance of Bojan Jambrošić and Ashley Colburn in the Hotel Dubrovnik Palace was an introduction to three days of interesting discussions and networking.

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We fight for every tourist

Quality, feeling at home and safety are the three characteristics of Croatian tourism that sets our offer apart from other Mediterranean countries, which are direct competitors to Croatian sun and sea. While being aware of the fast-paced global changes, we strive to be prepared for all challenges.

In the time when tourists are interested and desire changes, both global and fast-paced, are the planning of tourist offers becomes a more complex and challenging task. Gari Cappelli, the Croatian Tourism Minister, believes that Croatia has done a good job this year and has set a good institutional foundation for further development of tourist offer in the entire country.

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Republic Day of Italy

The Ambassador of Italy in Zagreb, H.E. Adriano Chiodi Cianfarani, organized the traditional reception for Republic Day on June 3rd. The event, which saw the participation of many political authorities and leading figures from the world of business and culture, as well as numerous representatives of the Italian national minority, took place on the terrace of the Hotel Esplanade.

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