Which is The Economist’s country of the year?

In most years  most countries improve in various ways. In 2020, however, premature death and economic contraction became the new normal, and most countries aspired only to dodge the worst…

Why democracy failed in the Middle East?

What kind of repression do you imagine it takes for a young man to do this?” So asked Leila Bouazizi after her brother, Muhammad, set himself on fire ten years…


PBZ Group donates HRK 7.8 million in aid of victims of the devastating earthquake

PBZ Group, a part of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, donated  HRK 7.8 million to support the victims and help repair the consequences of the devastating earthquake that hit Sisak-Moslavina County…


Artists from Serbia for Glina, Petrinja and Sisak-Humanitarian campaign of Diplomacy&Commerce magazine

In cooperation with the  Croatian Business Club in Belgrade, Croatian ambassador to Serbia, H.E. Hidajet Biščević, journalist Duška Jovanić and numerous other artists and public figures from Serbia, the reputable…

Sputñik: Regional music vaccine

The band named after the first satellite, news agency and vaccine against COVID-19, is being heard more and more often on radio stations in Zagreb. But it also has deep…


Bornstein Wine Bar and Shop, welcomes one of the oldest Croatian wineries for a archive wine tasting

On September the 10th, Bornstein Wine Bar and Shop organized dinner with largest Croatian producer of wines, Belje winery.


Croatian Ambassador to France dies

Croatian Ambassador to France Filip Vučak died on Saturday after a grave illness, the Foreign Ministry said on Monday.

H.E. Lourdes Victoria-Kruse: Dominican Republic is a safe travel destination during the COVID-19 pandemic

Ambassador of the Dominican Republic to the Slovenia, Serbia, Hungary and Bulgaria, and the Vienna Consular Section of the Dominican Republic in Vienna covers a total of eleven countries, including…