Make it iconic – Choose France !

“The French spirit continues to astonish, fascinate and change the world. Let’s bring out this spirit, this ambition, this desire to combine excellence and freedom. Let’s make it iconic.” – Emmanuel Macron

France is a great economic power, at the forefront of the green transition, served by exceptional infrastructure, and strengthened by the skills and know-how of the women and men who work there.

Indeed, the vitality of its economy makes France the 7th largest world economic power.

France knows how to create a conducive business climate. This environment benefits all companies and has enabled the emergence of major French companies which are at the top of their sectors globally.

In France, you can count on reliable, well trained, efficient women and men, with one of the best hourly productivity rates in the world. With the ‘France 2030’ plan, France is planning to invest heavily (€2.5 billion) in training programs for jobs of the future. In France, companies can also count on employees who are ready to adapt to change and able to meet the demands of competitiveness. More than 2 million French people already work for foreign companies in France, with ever-increasing fluency in English of our workforce.

Our research centers are designed to provide space for fundamental research and to develop innovation. France ranks 3rd in Europe and 6th worldwide in R&D effort. It is also the first among OECD countries in terms of public funding and tax incentives for business R&D. It is no wonder why, for the third year in a row, France is the leading destination for foreign investments in Europe.

France offers a comfortable quality of life, with excellent infrastructures, easy access to healthcare, strong social protection, an efficient education system, and a rich culture.

France is also a pioneer in ecological transition. France has been at the forefront of the adoption of the 2015 Paris Agreement. It has been investing heavily in the green reindustrialization: ‘France 2030’ makes decarbonization of the economy a major priority, devoting some €5.6 billion to decarbonizing industry and an additional €3.5 billion to becoming a leader in low-carbon hydrogen and developing cutting-edge renewable energy technologies.

For all these reasons, we encourage you to choose France.

 In France, we believe that audacity is the key to move things forward. Audacity and panache forged our heritage and permeates all dimensions:

ECONOMY: Investing in France, choosing French companies and French products means acting for a sustainable model of development that benefits everyone. Choose France™

TOURISM: Traveling in France means choosing multifaceted experiences, from the splendor of its landscapes to its humanist spirit. Tourism in France is responsible and environmentally friendly. Explore France

GASTRONOMY: Tasting French products means choosing innovation in agriculture and culinary arts, products that are great to eat and good for the planet, gastronomy that is open to international cuisine and a blend of various cultures. Taste France™

CULTURE, EDUCATION AND SCIENCE: Experiencing France means choosing a system where culture and education stimulate the mind, where education integrates the challenges of today and those of tomorrow, where culture is in motion, engaged in international dialogue, and enables young talent to flourish. Experience France™

PARTNERSHIPS: Committing with France means committing to a world that is fairer and more sustainable and sharing solutions with a strong environmental and social impact, for the common good of humanity. Partner with France™

Choose audacity, choose France. Make it iconic !