New website “The Economist: The World in 2022.”

The Economist: World Ahead is a global annual magazine that explores, identifies and anticipates the most important issues that will shape the coming year, through a look at economics, politics, technology and culture around the world. For the third year in a row, the magazine has its Croatian edition “The Economist: World in ” which brings global content translated into Croatian, and contains about 30 pages of Croatian content, including interviews and comments from top officials and representatives of the Croatian Government. diplomatic corps in the Republic of Croatia, but also key people in Croatian business.

In addition to the magazine, this project also includes a conference of the same name, which gathers guests from Croatian politics, diplomacy, business and science every December. Despite the challenges of the Covid pandemic, we managed to hold a conference every year since the magazine was published in Croatia, and you can remember or check how it looked with the picture and tone on the website

Svijet u – Hrvatsko izdanje specijaliziranog globalnog godišnjeg magazina The Economist: World Ahead

In addition to bringing together all relevant information and records related to the project “The Economist: World in …”, it also brings every month two blogs of project holders in Croatia – “Monthly Inventory of Ivan Vrdoljak” with a cross-section of global events and their impact on the economy. “Diplomatic Corner of Boban Spasojevic” as an X-ray image of complex international relations with a possible impact on our lives.