The Croatian Post : Ivan Čulo the President of the Management Board

Ivan Čulo was appointed President of the Management Board, and Ivana Mrkonjić, Hrvoje Parlov and Siniša Šukunda were appointed members of the Management Board of HP – Hrvatska pošta d.d. for a term of four years. Josip Udiljak is also a member of the Management Board, and he was appointed for a four-year term in February 2019.

The President of the Management Board, Ivan Čulo, pointed out: “In the last five years, Hrvatska pošta has been intensively implementing the Pošta2022 Development Strategy. within which, by building logistics infrastructure, capital investments and digitalization of business processes, the company was transformed into a modern logistics company with a clear focus on workers and customers.
In the coming period, we will strongly focus on sustainable, ie “green” business and improving working conditions in operational workplaces. “