Allianz – shaping the future of sports

As a dedicated supporter of sports and athletes around the world, Allianz is proud to be the official insurer of the 2021-2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

 To inspire people and prepare them for everything that life has to offer, Allianz builds partnerships with like-minded organizations that embrace innovation and promote positive change in the world focusing on important topics such as climate change, corporate citizenship, diversity, and inclusion.

Proud Worldwide Olympic and Paralympic Insurance Partner

Combining the knowledge and expertise of its teams, Allianz develops a comprehensive and unique approach to the sports market and sports recreation. Allianz is proud long-standing partner with sports and cultural institutions. These partnerships capture the emotional spirit of their business and inspire millions worldwide with stories of great effort and achievement.

Allianz has supported the International Paralympic Committee since 2006. In 2018 Allianz became the Worldwide Insurance Partner of the Olympic & Paralympic Movements, which was a unique opportunity to drive impact on their strategy along the dimensions of people, business, and brand. Joining the Olympic & Paralympic Movements was more than a sound business decision – it was a statement about Allianz itself.

Official insurer of 2021-2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games

By becoming the official partner of the International Olympic Committee and the official insurer of the 2021-2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Allianz Group strengthened the important position in major national and international sports events. In Croatia, they established long-standing successful cooperation with the Croatian Paralympic Committee, taking great steps together in popularizing Paralympic sports and including children and people with disabilities in the sports community. They extended their commitment to inclusive sport through corporation with Croatian Olympic Committee beginning in 2021.

As part of this partnership, Allianz offers innovative and integrated insurance solutions to athletes, sports federations and companies associated with the Olympic and Paralympic Movements.

Preparing the next generation to move

Together with the Olympic and Paralympic Movements, Allianz founded the Move Now program to entice the next generation back to sport – especially important after the pandemic. They offer a series of global programs and local training camps to move body, mind and soul to encourage young people into sports. And as a global first, in collaboration with the International Paralympic Committee, they launched a dedicated workout series for people with an impairment, representing people with disabilities both in front of and behind the camera on social media.

Through their passion for sports, Allianz highlights the physical, psychological, and sociological benefits of sports for humanity, and makes an exceptional contribution to shaping the future of sports. Connecting Allianz’s purpose “We secure your future” with the Olympic vision of building a better world through sport and the Paralympic vision to make for an inclusive world through sport, their joint goal is to secure the future for individuals, families, and businesses around the world. The next station is Paris 2024, where Allianz will celebrate the achievements of athletes together with sports fans around the world.