Day of Japan



On Saturday, October 13, in the Museum of Mimara was held the Day of Japan organized by the Embassy of Japan in Croatia. The goal of the event is to show different events in a day, to show visitors the Japanese way of life. This year was also presented an exhibition titled “Japan – day by day”.


Besides the exhibition, after the greeting speech H.E. Keiji Takaiguchi at the beginning of the event held a concert of Japanese bells and a string instrument at Yuko’s performance. There were demonstrations of martial arts, ikebane and japanese food, followed by Japanese language lessons and trips to Japan. Ambassador Takiguchi delivered a lecture on everyday life in Japan. The visitors could hang out with the Japanese igo and bending of origami, and they could also look at bonsai trees, taste sauces and dress yukatu – traditional cotton kimono. At the end of the day, prizes were awarded to happy winners of the raffle.


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