Days of divine gourmet desserts and cocktails with homemade strawberries at Esplanade

Seductive delicacies with strawberries combined with premium sparkling wines from Plešivica, fantastic cocktails and a limited edition chic Afternoon Tea are prepared and served with juicy strawberries from local cultivation.

In Zagreb’s Esplanade in May, everything is about strawberries. The bright red color, intense smell and sweet, irresistible taste of the best quality local Zagreb strawberries inspired chef Ana Grgić Tomić and head pastry chef Mirjana Špoljar to create an irresistible hedonistic story that will make you want to return to this iconic hotel again and again.

In Le Bistro and Esplanade 1925 Lounge & Cocktail Bar, a list of divine desserts awaits you, such as an interpretation of schnokli with vanilla cream and notes of caramelized strawberries, warm strawberry cobbler with coconut ice cream, almond tart and champagne cream, curd cake combined with strawberry sorbet – tastes of pure pleasure. For all those who want a touch of French romance, strawberry madeleines stand out in particular: a seductive combination of lemon cream, fresh strawberries and almond and basil pesto that will surely be the reason for some spring romance. For true gourmets who love the simple, clean taste of these healthy spring fruits that are rich in vitamin C, fresh strawberries with whipped cream are on offer, with a glass of premium sparkling wine from the Zagreb region, from the slopes of Plešivica, to complete this sweet gourmet story that will few can resist.

The cosmopolitan atmosphere of the Esplanade 1925 Lounge & Cocktail Bar with its timeless Oleander terrace is perfect for enjoying the limited edition Afternoon Tea, which brings a brand new collection of mini-snacks and desserts inspired by local strawberries to the luxurious floor. Baked brie cheese with almonds comes in a fantastic combination with strawberry and celery tartare with the addition of basil, and there is also a crispy cake with asparagus mousse with strawberry gel and tempting burrata with marinated tomatoes with fermented strawberries. The sweet story of afternoon tea brings lemon curd tartlet with fresh strawberries and mint, tempting crème brûlée with champagne and strawberries, brownie with dark chocolate and strawberry ganache, red velvet with ricotta cream and strawberry gel and the sweetest: strawberries in chocolate, for indulging in true gourmet pleasures. Afternoon tea for two is served daily from 12:00pm to 6:30pm at the Esplanade 1925 Lounge & Cocktail Bar and Oleander Terrace. Tea is served in a teapot, and the offer includes teas from the Ronnefeldt selection of aromatic teas for two. The price of afternoon tea is €40.

In addition, in the Esplanade 1925 Lounge & Cocktail bar, be sure to try the perfect selection of new cocktails with notes of strawberries, signed by Vjenceslav Madić, better known as Master Kishoni. With the theatrical approach of top cocktail masters, let yourself be seduced by the cosmopolitan atmosphere and the terrace with a view of the city and the selection of sensational cocktails with a touch of aromatic strawberries, each of which will delight you: Strawberry Fizz, Strawberry Negroni or Spring Spritz.

“For all lovers of premium gin and sweet notes, I have prepared a slightly carbonated Strawberry Fizz in which strawberries are interwoven with fruity pepper and the freshness of red grapefruit without added sugar – an ideal refreshment and a great cocktail in combination with small bites”, pointed out Vjenceslav and added: ” Strawberry Negroni is another fantastic cocktail with a full and rich flavor that will win you over at first. If you are a fan of the Negroni cocktail, this twist on the timeless classic is ideal for trying something new, and the interesting combination of Old Pilot’s strawberry gin from Zagreb, Campari and Vermouth Rosso will perfectly refresh the palate with aromatic flavors.” emphasizes Vjenceslav and concludes: “Third in line is the Strawberry Spritz, a fantastic refreshing spritz in which a handful of fresh fruit flavors intertwine with a touch of Rosé Prosecco pearls, followed by a long and delicious finish of strawberries.” This cocktail, layered with aromas, can be drunk at any time of the day, which makes it a perfect choice for all lovers of light notes.”

Hurry up because the promotional offer with local strawberries at Le Bistro and Esplanade 1925 Lounge & Cocktail Bar is only available while the fresh, locally grown ingredients are available. Le Bistro is open every day from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm, desserts are served from 12:00 pm to 10:30 pm, while cocktails at the Esplanade 1925 Lounge & Cocktail Bar are available every day from 12:00 am to 2:00 am. Reserve a table by calling 01 45 666 11 (for Le Bistro) and 01 45 666 33 (for Esplanade Bar).


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