Dina Serdarušić , EUROVILLA : Zagreb “city of a thousand hearts”

Eurovilla has established numerous successful collaborations with embassies and diplomats from almost all parts of the world and stands out as a logical and first choice when dealing with real estate that would spark diplomatic interest.

Zagreb is the business, economic, diplomatic and cultural center of Croatia, home to almost a million inhabitants. This “city of a thousand hearts” has always attracted the attention of tourists and visitors, which has been particularly emphasized recently, after Croatia joined the European Union. Proximity and good connections with other European cities additionally make Zagreb an ideal congress and incentive destination. Zagreb is also a city of science and culture. Many excellent scientists and artists from Zagreb have enriched Croatian and world cultural heritage. It has about fifty museums and galleries, as well as private art collections and about twenty theaters and concert halls. From spring until autumn, when the weather is nice, many exhibitions and events move to Zagreb’s streets, squares and parks. Then Zagreb becomes one big colorful stage that especially attracts foreign and domestic visitors with its diversity and charm.

As the diplomatic center of Croatia with more than 100 foreign embassies and diplomatic missions, it is more than clear that Zagreb as the capital has a significant political profile and how important it is on the geopolitical scene of Southeast Europe, which is very clear after Croatia joined the EU.

Finding suitable commercial or residential real estate for the needs of embassies and diplomatic missions is an extremely complex, demanding and responsible task. As an agency profiled primarily for luxury real estate, Eurovilla’s rich and long-standing portfolio records a very successful history in mediation and finding real estate in this professionally very demanding field of activity.

The offer of luxury real estate in Zagreb is extremely large, from luxury apartments in the city center, the Lenuci Horseshoe, i.e. in Zrinjevac, Marulić and Tomislav Square, Ban Jelačić Square and in the northern parts of the city in Šalata, Babonićeva, Tuškanac, Prekrižje to luxury villas in the northern residential part, especially in the Prekrižje, Tuškanac and Pantovčak locations – says Sergio Serdarušić, adding that the city center, with the exception of Cvjetni and Ban centers, offers mostly old buildings with high ceilings and large lounges.

Real estates are specific by microlocation, degree of arrangement and luxury furniture and equipment. The demand for such real estate in Zagreb is quite high, and it mostly comes from foreigners, because almost all diplomatic missions of foreign countries are located in Zagreb, and they have many employees, ambassadors, cultural attachés, secretaries… Most mandates last three to four years, so luxury real estate are receiving and saying goodbye to their residents accordingly. Exceptions are embassies and ambassadors’ residences, which are often rented for many years, for more than one mandate – Serdarušić explains.

The inquiries they receive from diplomatic officials usually refer to houses, because foreigners with families like the northern part of the city, or large apartments in the center or northern part of the city, and the area of Šestina has also become attractive because of the popular private school located there, but also some other neighborhoods like Središće, due to the proximity of the American school.