The Euro will replace the Kuna in 2022. ?

The decision to enter a country in the ERM II mechanism, Slovakia, was adopted last year in 2005. The Croatian National Bank has prepared a Croatian strategy for the introduction of the euro, which includes calculations of the benefits and possible risks of entering the eurozone, and will be published later this month together with the government.

The Euro Strategy will serve as a fundamental document for the public debate on the introduction of the Euro, which we will find officially opened by Prime Minister Andrej Plenković. The prime minister has already mentioned that he stands for the introduction of the euro, followed by an official request for Croatia to enter the ERM II exchange rate mechanism.

After Slovakia, which has a euro since 2009, only Bulgaria officially applied for ERM II but was rejected. Any country that joins the European Union is legally obliged to introduce the euro, but there is no time to do so or take over the single currency single-sided decisions.

If the Croatian Government asks for entry into the ERM II mechanism, or whether the European Commission and the other European countries are persuaded to control public debt and lower it to a 60% limit within a reasonable time, it is estimated that the euro could become the Croatian currency at its earliest 2022 or 2023 . years.

Source: CNB