Farewell for the director of the German – Croatian Industrial and Trade Chamber Gunther Neubert at the residence of the German Ambassador

The June “jour fix” German-Croatian Industrial and Trade Chamber which took place on 28 June was marked imminent departure director of the German-Croatian Industry and Commerce Gunther Neubert. In Croatia Neubert spent almost five years, he returned to Latin America, where it will open and maintain an office of the Delegation of the German Economy in the capital city of Cuba – Havana.

During his stay in Croatia Gunther Neubert made a significant contribution to German-Croatian economic relations, said German Ambassador to Croatia Thomas E. Schultze. President of the German-Croatian industrial and trade chamber Nicolas Baron Adamovich thanked on behalf of the Chamber Director Neubert for the good cooperation and the development of German-Croatian industrial and trade chamber, which is in the last five years has experienced strong growth.