Grawe Croatia: How not to become part of negative statistics?

The fact that every tenth woman in Croatia is diagnosed with breast cancer is a sufficient indicator that this illness is more than present in our society and that it doesn’t happen to “someone else”.

It is possible even more than we think that we can feel this on our own skin or, unfortunately, that a loved one can get sick. Even though we should always pay great attention to this topic because of that, the truth is that we still don’t talk about it, and sometimes we don’t even think about it enough.

This is understandable, no one likes to think about a terrible disease and all the difficulties associated with it. But our health should always come first, and our decisions towards that goal should be timely. “Pink October” is an ideal time for a new perspective and an emphasis on your own health. We can easily find a new source of motivation in the pink ribbon motive to take an important step towards life changes, because good decisions can lead us towards reducing the negative statistics that include more than 800 women annually. This month, we fight together against this cruel disease – although we cannot prevent cancer from happening, what we can all do is detect it in time, with a timely preventive examination, which is the first and biggest step towards healing! The most important thing is to know that, if found in time, the percentage of a chance of cure is promisingly high – as much as 90% in women suffering from breast cancer!

But, is one month a year truly enough for major changes?

One read page of a book cannot show us the real plot of the story. One trip to the gym cannot change our physical appearance. One bad day of the week does not make the whole week bad. Equally, one month a year can help and represent that first step, but it is not enough to make big changes, especially when it comes to such a sensitive and important topic. Sometimes we think that we don’t always have time to think about health, about ourselves… and that nothing will happen to us, even though we live in an intense daily pace of stress, obligations and unhealthy habits. But do you think that illness, or difficult moments, know what month of the year it is? They come suddenly and unexpectedly, and often when we are least ready for them. That’s why, with rosy thoughts in mind, it is necessary to be aware of the importance of self-love every month of the year – and one of the ways to show that care is to take care of your own health. Ignoring the first signs and reacting too late is a big risk. Increasingly aware of the need to communicate to the public about this topic, GRAWE Croatia, as an insurance company that manages numerous risks, is one of the leading participants in promoting the importance of preventive examinations. As a socially responsible company, it helps those affected by the disease and who need additional support through numerous activities. Through projects and donations, this year GRAWE cooperated with two important associations in this field – Marra Altrui and Europa Donna Hrvatska.

Start Your Change – make an appointment and colour the negative statistics pink

In addition to public communication and cooperation, GRAWE Croatia, as an insurance company, supports the fight against breast cancer in another way through the existing additional health insurance policy – additional insurance shortens long waiting lists, so it is even easier to respond to a preventive breast ultrasound without further delay . The GRAWE Vital policy offers more benefits, and you can read about the rest at and change the direction in which the statistics are going!