Hello Zagreb – innovative information center in the heart of the metropolis

For a few weeks in the center of the capital, works the Hello Zagreb info center & gift shop . Hello Zagreb is an innovative brand of Darrer, which since its launch in 2014 is carefully developed by Director Sven Darrer and his team headed by the marketing manager, versatile Anit Tutić.
The Info Center and Gift Shop is located on the frequented and colorful Radiceva Street at number 14 as the reference and starting point for all tourists and visitors of Zagreb who are growing every day. The center is also a place where you can find souvenirs and objects of authentic and unique design.with a unique design. For the third year in a row, thay make city maps, and are part of the European family of USE-IT maps created by local people, distributed in more than 40 European cities, say Hello Zagreb .
Hello Zagreb is five friendly, a place of good energy, human warmth, hospitality and friendship