Igor Šehanović leaving his position at the helm of Liburnia Riviera Hotel


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The Hotel’s Supervisory Board has given its approval to the conclusion of the Agreement on the Termination of the Contract on the Appointment of the Chairman of the Managing Board of the Company, from 1st October, 2011, with Mr. Igor Šehanović.

The Agreement on Termination of the aforementioned contract, stipulates the disbursement of a bonus to Igor Šehanović by no later than 30th June, 2018. On 15th June, 2018, the company’s Supervisory Board also made a decision to replace Mr. Igor Šehanović, in his position of the Chairman of the Managing Board, effective as of 30th June, 2018, and appoint the former member of the Managing Board, Mr. Giorgio Cadum from Poreč as the new Chairman of the Managing Board.

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