Krešimir Macan, Communication Consultant and Manjgura Agency Owner: It is time to restart swiftly!

We have interviewed the officials from diplomatic and economic community to found out how embassies have organized their diplomatic activities during the state of emergency, as well as, how they spend their free time and what they will do first when the state of emergency is abolished. We talked to Krešimir Macan, Communication Consultant and Manjgura Agency Owner

How did you organize your business activities?

Times of crisis are good times for crisis communications, so we at the agency are quite busy and work from home. Most of the meetings are via videoconferencing tools (I tried pretty much every platform so far), but still some in person when needed, usually on open air spaces. If inside with all measures taken. Work from home seems to be challenging to everybody if you are busy, since home obligations like distance schooling also take their toll on the time we have, so sometimes it is even harder than working from office. We’ll reconsider working from the office as soon as school starts, because earlier would be too challenging for colleagues with smaller kids. In this spirit we have reduced our working hours per one per day, effectively we work four day now, though we are available all the time.

How do you comment on the Government’s measures to help and save the economy?

Timely and appropriate for the first phase of the pandemic, now it is time to restart the economy swiftly. It will be the new normal after the pandemic and we have to get used to living with the coronavirus and with the coronavirus by our side. It will request a lot of changes in Croatian economy, primarily reduction of unnecessary costs and optimisation, primarily from the public sector, since private is already adjusting. Time for big reforms and changes like never before. Unique window of opportunities to be seized. And new communications tools have enabled now movements to emerge – Udruga Glas Poduzetnika (Voice of Entrepreneurs Association) have not existed month ago and now have nearly 10.000 members and their voice is stong and should be heard.

How are you spending your private time during the pandemic?

It there is some time off – Netflix, sorting some things usually not done in time because there was not time for it – like cleaning my home work desk and archives. And from time to time some exercises.

What will you do first after the current condition is cancelled?

Buy some fresh flowers to my wife from florist and take my familiy to sea, to relax and enjoy Istria.