Milena Prodanić Tišma: Proud of Erasmus+ projects

Bright Horizons- International British school of Zagreb has started the new school year off on amazing note! During the previous school year, Bright Horizons applied for two very exciting Erasmus+ projects which were both confirmed during the summer holidays.

Write: Milena Prodanić Tišma,  Founder and principal of Bright Horizons- International British school of Zagreb

The first project that was approved is called: Stop, breathe and think and it is all about Well-being and Mindfulness. As a school that is already acquainted with mindfulness and wellbeing, this project aims to further expand the topic of Mindfulness and well-being in the school. This project gives the teachers of Bright Horizons school the opportunity to acquire and develop their mindfulness skills and further expand their knowledge through various trainings in approved Mindfulness centres throughout Europe.

Understanding the ever-needed component of mindfulness in schools, Bright Horizons also sees the need and demand of developing children’s technological skills for the 21st century. With this being said, the school applied for the position of project coordinator and their application was successfully approved by the Agency of mobility and programs in EU. The motivation behind this project lies in the developing of digital educational resources to acquire knowledge on how to implement a game-based learning approach when teaching Artificial intelligence and coding.  The partners included in this project are: Riga Technical university in Latvia and various IT companies from Greece, Spain and Italy. The final objective of the project is to publish a teacher’s handbook that can support and develop Computing lessons in schools.

‘’We are very excited to take part in this interesting project with partners that have such expertise in this field who can support us in developing computing skills in schools’’, says the school founder and principal, Ms Milena Prodanić Tišma.