Annastasia Seebohm, Group CEO , Quintesentially: New Era of Connection

The luxury market has gone through tremendous changes throughout the pandemic

Despite all the new circumstances that have affected our business we want to continue to help our members to create meaningful relationships, enjoy memorable and transformative experiences, and connect with other people, the planet and themselves, for Diplomacy&Commerce says Annastasia Seebohm, Group CEO, Quintesentially.

There will be a continued focus on in home experiences and passion point programming, bringing our Quintessentially community together says Mrs Seebohm.

1.The luxury lifestyle market is going through a period of great changes. As the biggest global lifestyle concierge club, Quintessentially made a detailed analysis of the new situation. What was crucial for you to decide to take this step and what is the end result (the White Paper)?  

Quintessentially has been at the forefront of the luxury market for over 20 years. The luxury market has gone through tremendous changes throughout the pandemic but what our whitepaper identifies is the five major cultural shifts which had already been occurring but have now been accelerated by the ever changing environment.  Our data reveals significant cultural shifts in the key areas of activism, connectivity, philanthropy, health and self-transformation. The overarching takeaway is that there is now a stronger need than ever before for connection – both with ourselves and with the world around us. We are calling this the ‘New Era of Connection’. Our white paper takes our findings and highlights the implications of them for businesses and how they need to approach them to succeed.  The concept of connection is what our business is founded upon.

  1. In accordance with the new circumstances, to what extent has the luxury lifestyle market changed and in what way? Which way are these changes going? 

We believe we are going to see brands react accordingly to these new cultural shifts. Activism has given way to conscious consumption meaning a brand’s purpose and narrative must really resonate to connect with consumers. It also means brands should consider discrete consumption, with more exclusive and private experiences to connect with their clients.   The renewed interest in connection addresses the desire for people to feel a more human connection through technology – brands must straddle real life and virtual interactions and ensure they still connect in a meaningful way.   Philanthropy is increasingly important, and consumers are seeking brands who champion causes that they support, either through donations or initiatives.   Heath has never been more at the forefront of most consumers’ consciousness, so all businesses will be required to ensure their consumers are safe while shopping with them, but on a broader level consider incorporating wellness benefits to their offerings.   Finally, brands need to respond to the increased demand for transformative experiences as consumers seek to connect with themselves on a deeper level. This can be adapting physical space to incorporate an immersive consumer journey, or creating bespoke experiences, tailored to the individual’s specific passion points.


  1. Quintessentially called this new age The New Era of Connection. What does this new connection entail? 

It entails consumers seeking to connect more with themselves and others. People are looking to give back more, to feel more in the moment and to connect more meaningfully with other people and the world around them.

  1. How do you estimate the development of the situation and will your field of business recover soon, will it return to its former self or will it have to adjust completely to the new circumstances? 
  2. The need for consumers to connect more will only increase, and at speed – especially after such a period of isolation. Helping members stay engaged and inspired is something Quintessentially delivered upon early on during lockdown, as we took all of our unique events and experiences on line to great success. Our virtual programming helped members connect to experts, new networks and contacts and continue their quest for self-betterment.  When COVID allowed, we also introduced at home experiences – allowing members to continue to learn and connect from the safety of their home. During the onslaught of the pandemic, Quintessentially’s value was exemplified all around the world as we catered to all our members needs during the crisis – from helping with emergency relocations before restrictions applied, sourcing office and gym equipment and wellness and health supplies, to providing an extra set of hands for practical demands, including the delivery of shopping and household essentials for those who were unable to leave the house, or those who wished to use our services for their loved ones from afar.   We will continue to evolve our services and respond to our members’ needs. At home experiences is a category we will continue to expand upon – we can offer our members everything from access to unique Broadway experiences, culinary masterclasses, access to the world’s best wellness experts, tutors and childcare assistance and everything in between.  Once time allows, I believe we will see a return to our most popular categories including travel, dining, tickets and access to more experiences, as people continue to crave human connection again.


5.What are your plans for the next year and the years to come?  

Our plan is to be the benchmark of excellent service for our members. We aim to continue to evolve our value proposition, and introduce new products accordingly. We want to continue to help our members to create meaningful relationships, enjoy memorable and transformative experiences, and connect with other people, the planet and themselves.  There will be a continued focus on in home experiences and passion point programming, bringing our Quintessentially community together. On our agency side, we seek to continue to be the go-to agency for creating connection between the world’s leading brands and influential and successful individuals.

Our award-winning travel division will also continue to be a focus, along with our other group arms including Art, Education and Real Estate. In Quintessentially in Adriatic, run by Lara Ham, successfully follows guidelines and new trends and meets customer requirements in all fields we cover. She managed to adjust services to the current situation which has led to the opening of new opportunities that Q Adriatic region has successfully fullfiled, such as the need to rent and find isolated villas in summer and winter time for families. The office is very successfully with sourcing goods from USA, UK: poular brands which are not present in Europe. It is the first time that Q Adriatic offers concierge assistance to real estate developers. On the other hand Q A is very strong in positioning and branding of country destinations including five stara hotels, yachts, amazing restaurants and many more.

6.What is your message for those who want to become a part of your story, and in general, for all those who love the life you propagate and support?   

We pride ourselves on offering a bespoke and connected service, tailored to our members’ needs and passion points. Quintessentially is very much a global community for those who want to enjoy the best life has to offer and truly feel a sense of connection. To all those who support us, I offer my immense gratitude.