New name for a Canadian town called Asbestos

The small Canadian town of Asbestos that decided it needed a rebrand has done away with the name derived from its mining heritage.

The Quebec town, home to some 7,000 people, voted for “Val-des-Sources” as its new moniker.

The town was once the location of the world’s largest asbestos mine.

It was given the English name for the mineral – rather than the French amiante – in the late 19th Century.

But the town’s council said the connotation hindered its ability to attract foreign investment, and announced last November that the hunt was on for a new name.

The town, about 150 km (95 miles) east of Montreal, finally announced the winning title with some fanfare on Monday evening.

It was picked after a lengthy consultation and a vote by town residents, including those as young as 14.

About half the town residents eligible to cast ballots did so. Val-des-Sources won with just over 51% of the vote in the third round of voting.

The name is “above all, inspiring for the future”, Mayor Hugues Grimard said.

Source: BBC