PharmaS completed the takeover of Mabo Farma from Madrid

Mabo Farma is the fastest growing generic company in Spain, whose portfolio includes more than 200 products, mainly prescription drugs, but also over-the-counter (OTC) drugs and nutritional supplements. This pharmaceutical company generates an annual income of around 35 million euros with more than 70 employees.

One of the main strengths of Mabo Farma is its extremely good knowledge of the Spanish market and a wide sales network with more than forty sales representatives covering the whole of Spain, including even the Balearic Islands and Tenerife. With this international acquisition, in addition to expanding its portfolio and confirming itself as one of the strongest domestic pharmaceutical companies, PharmaS opens the door to the Spanish market for its own domestic products, which will soon be on the shelves of Spanish pharmacies, the company says.

“Entering the Spanish market is the beginning of our five-year strategic plan, the goal of which is to expand to new markets in Western Europe and continue building PharmaS as a strong international player in the field of prescription and non-prescription drugs, as well as nutritional supplements. For our employees, this is an opportunity to gain important international experience. What makes us especially happy is that we will soon see Croatian products on the shelves all over Spain. Also, we hereby demonstrate the strength and strategic importance of the entire pharmaceutical industry in the Republic of Croatia, which generates more than 70% of its revenues through exports to around 60 countries around the world”, said Jerko Jakšić, President of the PharmaSa Management Board”.