Philip Morris Zagreb : €90,000 secured for ten innovative entrepreneurs

Declared winners of this year’s “Start Your Own” program

Croatia has gained 10 new impact entrepreneurs who will receive support for business development in a total value of €90,000, of which entrepreneurs will receive €50,000 through direct financial aid and €40,000 worth of mentoring assistance and support. For eight consecutive years, ACT Group and Philip Morris Zagreb have been awarding funds and know-how to Croatian impact entrepreneurs, with a total investment of €830,000 in entrepreneurs through the program since its inception, where the funds were provided annually by Philip Morris Zagreb.

The program attracted a range of innovative companies this year as well

The recipients of support within the PNS program are innovative companies focused on sustainability in various spheres of activity, such as Kolekcionart, a gallery and platform for young artists, or Physio Kids Center, which aims to improve the motor development of children with difficulties. Among the winners is Audio Store Transonica, which issues audio books in Croatian through the Book&Zvook app, as well as Green Fusion with the Eco Stock Market platform for fundraising sustainable projects. Joining the ranks of innovative entrepreneurs are Underrated Croatia, a brand offering self-guided audio tours, as well as Open Mosaic promoting democratic management of cities and public institutions. Recipients of support in the fields of robotics and IT include Source Robotics, making robotics more accessible to everyone, and Tiny Meow Studio for the development of non-violent video games. These innovative and sustainable entrepreneurs are also joined by the educational project Secret Forest Society (Croatian: Tajno šumsko društvo), organizing environmental conservation workshops for children aged four to eight, and Studio Modulit, an architectural studio producing modular houses and addressing future housing issues. Of the selected ten winners this year, five candidates who prove to be the best throughout the mentoring process during the year will be funded with €7,000 each, while five will receive support of €3,000 each.

Empowering micro-entrepreneurs and creating new jobs

“Impact entrepreneurs are key to sustainable societal changes, addressing significant social challenges and contributing to economic value. Responding to social challenges requires creativity and innovation, but above all, the courage and determination of entrepreneurs. On this journey, entrepreneurs often encounter unforeseen obstacles, and with this program, we aim to give them a boost in realizing their ideas. Over these eight years, Philip Morris Zagreb has supported a total of 58 Croatian business endeavors, investing over €830,000 in them. The program strengthens micro-entrepreneurship in Croatia and contributes to the creation of new jobs, product development, and investment in equipment and infrastructure. I congratulate this year’s winners and look forward to the further contribution of this program to creating a sustainable future,” stated Darija Jurica Vuković from Philip Morris Zagreb.

A measurable social return of €3.97 of social good for every euro invested

Financial value of the positive impact on society created by users in relation to the allocated funds has been measured since the inception of the program. In 2023, the program achieved outstanding efficiency in creating social value. “The social return of the program over the past years has consistently increased, and last year it quadrupled the invested financial resources, confirming its effectiveness and significance. In 2023, we generated €3.97 of social good for every euro invested in the program. The quality of applications improves each year, making the selection process challenging due to the numerous highly valuable and excellent entrepreneurial projects. This year, we selected 10 fantastic entrepreneurs, among whom 8 are female entrepreneurs, which we are particularly proud of. We look forward to collaborating with them and are excited to follow their development and be part of their entrepreneurial journey. The six-month acceleration and intensive support programs are now beginning, providing them with key tools and encouragement for further business growth and development,” stated Ana Brigović from ACT Group.



  • Over the span of eight years, the program has seen a remarkable 58 Croatian micro-entrepreneurs, many of whom have achieved international success.
  • In 2023, for every euro invested in impact entrepreneurs through the Start Your Own program, €3.97 of social good was generated.
  • Over 8 years, the Start Your Own program has invested a total of over €830,000 in the business growth of Croatian impact entrepreneurs.