Publisher of the Oxford Dictionary was unable to choose Word of the Year

This year, which they called an Unprecedented Year, Editors of the Oxford University Press, probably the most famous dictionary publisher in the world (Oxford Dictionaries), were unable to choose Word of the Year in accordance with their tradition.

The list follows historic events that happened during this year, so the list included words and phrases such as “bush fires” that ravaged Australia, then the word “impeachment” (political procedure for recall,  refutation) and “acquittal” (liberating verdict) that were more commonly used when the U.S. President Donald Trump faced problems in Congress.

The coronavirus pandemic brought many words on the list: “lockdown”, “circuit breaker” (short-term lockdown), “shelter-in-place” (official provision issued during a state of emergency advising people to stay in their home and not to leave it unless absolutely necessary), “remote/ly” (without physical contact) i “unmute” (turn the sound or device back on)
– I have never before witnessed such a year in terms of language, stated Casper Grathwohl, President of Oxford Languages.