The second DiplomatSki slalom race on Jahorina takes place

In early March, the second slalom race called DiplomatSki, organized by the Jahorina Olympic Centre and the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Bosnia and Herzegovina, took place on the Poljica track. The start of the fantastic slalom race was preceded by a welcome speech given by the director of the Jahorina Olympic Centre, Mr Dejan Ljevnaić, and the Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia, His Excellency, Mr Damijan Sedar, the initiators and organizers of the traditional ski race of representatives of international institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

One of the participants in race was His Excellency Ambassador Damijan Serdar, who, at the press conference, expressed his great satisfaction at the successful implementation of another joint project by the Embassy and the Jahorina Olympic Centre.


“The DiplomatSKi giant slalom competition takes place for the second time and is organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Bosnia and Herzegovina together with the Jahorina Olympic Centre. As we have a considerable number of interested people this year and have had an excellent experience with the previous one, the number of participants in this event is much higher this year. Some of the resident ambassadors in Bosnia and Herzegovina say that DiplomatSKI 2022 was one of the best events in the diplomatic corps world in recent years, which is a great compliment to us and at the same time, an obligation as we are expected to organize a ski race that is at the same level as last year’s, particularly because in 2024, we will mark the 40th anniversary of the 1984 Winter Olympic Games (held in Sarajevo). Next year, in addition to the diplomatic corps and well-known business people, we expect the arrival of well-known Olympic skiers, such as Bojan Križaj and Jure Franko. The Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Bosnia and Herzegovina is extremely honoured to have excellent cooperation with the Jahorina Olympic Centre,” Mr Serdar said. 


60 competitors took place in the race which started exactly at 3 p.m. and successfully ended before the start of the media conference, at which the director of the Jahorina Olympic Centre, Mr Dejan Ljevnaić, said the following: “The reason for our gathering today at the Poljica track is the second DiplomatSki slalom race, which last year brought together 33 competitors from embassies and international organizations from 13 countries. After last year’s very successful Ambassador’s race, the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Jahorina Olympic Centre decided to continue their extraordinary cooperation and organize another race. Exactly one year after the first race, today, we have twice as many competitors, which, I must admit, after last year’s great experience, did not surprise us. The idea of repeating this event was met with a great response, so this year we had as many as 60 competitors, of which 18 were ambassadors and 42 competitors competed on behalf of embassies, European delegations, EUFOR and NATO. The slalom race ended successfully, and now we are all waiting for a fantastic party in the Olympic bar with a DJ and excellent food” and added: “Good reputation reaches far and the good reputation we earned last year, thanks to the excellent cooperation with the Embassy of Slovenia, went even farther. That is why we have received plenty of great compliments about this idea, our organization of the event and the hospitality, for which we are widely known. I would like to take this opportunity to especially thank the Ambassador of Slovenia, His Excellency Mr Damijan Serdar, with whom it was a real pleasure to collaborate in organizing today’s event. I am confident that we will continue the tradition of this race in the years ahead.”


After the successful completion of the slalom race, all participants of this sporting event joined the award ceremony, which, along with an organized party and a common, traditional lunch for the same, took place in the Olympic Bar, at the top of the Poljica trail.