“The Masters of Light” made a breakthrough in the lighting decoration of the region’s destinations

Have you ever wondered who is behind the light decorations that illuminate Paris, Venice, New York, London, Rome, Cannes, Toronto, Marseille, Helsinki, Dubai, Brussels, Courchevel, Shanghai and many more luxurious locations in the world and tourist attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, Saint Mark’s Square in Venice, Fifth Avenue in New York…, but also Croatian pearls like Opatija, Zagreb, Samobor and many cities and municipalities in the region?

This is the Blachere Illumination team, a company behind 50 years of creating light decorations in over 80 countries around the world with over 500 employees. Brazil, Canada, USA, Switzerland are just some of the 27 markets where they operate. One of these countries is Croatia, whose tourist destinations have been made even more magical by the company Gospodari svetla – Blachere Illumination for years.
Motovun, Crikvenica, Zagreb, Svete Nedelja, Rijeka, Slavonski Brod, Opatija, Maribor are just some of the cities whose squares and streets are decorated with light decorations by Blachere Illumination – Lord of Light. In addition to cities and hotels and shopping centers, they also brought their magic to business facilities in the region by establishing numerous partnerships with Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

At the opening ceremony of a new office building and an impressive showroom in the vicinity of Samobor, Medsavam, the Gospodara svetla team gathered associates from Europe and the region, and over 300 guests had the opportunity to hear about the history of the company, which was presented by Johan Hugues, director of Blachere Illumination. The impressive history and references that leave you breathless introduced the guests to the story of the implementation of ecologically sustainable decorations. Hugues pointed out that a large part of the resources is invested in ecologically sustainable decorations and that the focus is on the production of lighting and decorations from recycled materials such as recycled aluminum, recycled PET bottles and sugar cane, which directly affects the reduction of the carbon footprint.
Blachere Illumination has introduced LED lighting as a standard in the production of lighting decorations. In the production process, it uses Bioprint for the production of decorations from sugar cane, and Recyprint, i.e. 3D printing for the production of decorations from used plastic bottles.

One of the most beautiful and largest designer showrooms in the region and beyond, provided guests with an insight into the entire process of creation, design and production of light decorations. A showroom that will be open to visitors throughout the year.
This event was supported by the mayor of Samobor, Petra Škrobot, who expressed her satisfaction with the creation of new jobs with this project headed by Ana and Željko Fresl, and the enthusiasm was not hidden by many business partners who arrived from France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Slovakia, Serbia, Slovenia , Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

During the address, Ana and Željko Fresl pointed out:
“We started in a garage, so to speak, in a small facility. As we grew and as there were more of us, we moved into new business premises, but much more modest than this one, 2,400 square meters is the size of this office building that we are opening today, and we are growing at such a pace that it is already too small for us.” We are glad that the number of employees is increasing, and we can say that we are proud that our vision from 1999, when we started, has already been surpassed.
The result of our projects are thousands of smiling faces and memories of satisfied visitors. And we can all agree together that that smile is the greatest reward.”

The company behind the most famous lighting decorations in the region and has been operating for 25 years, from a small family business in 1999, has become a regional leader in the lighting decoration industry. Due to their commitment to quality and innovation, in 2020 they joined the French group Blachere Illumination, which has been in business for half a century, as their 26th branch in the world.