Valamar Riviera – the winner of the “SJAJ” Award for affirming socially responsible business and sustainability

The “SJAJ” Awarding Board – for affirming socially responsible business and sustainability, among the 203 companies involved in national research, selected the 10 best companies, including Valamar Riviera as an example of good practice in the area. The aim of this research and awards is to encourage other companies to make a more prominent presentation of CSR activities and to raise awareness of the importance of socially responsible business and sustainable development in which Valamar Riviera has been the leader in its category.

The “SJAJ” Award is given for the overall visibility and visibility of the presentation of socially responsible business activities and includes the impression of the company’s website when it comes to the presentation of CSR activities. As a criterion, the communication of social responsibility and sustainability, ie visibility of CSR practices in the official digital media, as well as additional company portfolios, is taken into account. Other standards observed in the research are visibility, richness and variety of content, the frequency of new revelations, and the use of innovative tools in the presentation of social responsibility activities.

In the name of Valamar Riviera, Deana Stipanović, head of corporate affairs, said: “As a leading tourist company in Croatia we are aware of our roles in the development of socially responsible business, creating a new value for all stakeholders. At the annual level, Valamar Riviera allocates a minimum of 2.5% of revenues to a range of projects and initiatives structured in the 9th COP program. This award is also a recognition and great motivation for our business to continue to develop in that direction. “