Agrokor agreed unanimously


The temporary creditor council unanimously accepted the settlement. Now the settlement goes to the Commercial Court.  A meeting of Prime Minister Andreja Plenković with the extraordinary trustee Fabris Peruško, his deputy Irena Weber, and representatives of the Provisional Trust Council and the Association of Suppliers were held in Banjaluka.


Photo: Patrik Macek/PIXSELL

The deal we have worked over the past few months, finalizing the last few weeks, aligned with the vast majority of creditors who are important to vote and agree with the legal teams. I do not expect any major problems, said Peruško.

Photo: Patrik Macek/PIXSELL

Marica Vidaković, president of the Provisional Trust Council, said the hardest job was from them. Now is the time of implementation. We expect the company to function normally. He thanked the Government because, as she said, this was a political courage to come out with this legal framework, and Martina Dalić to the solitude and dedication in this process on behalf of all suppliers.

Sergey Volk, representative of Sberbank in the Provisional Credit Council, said he would back the settlement. We’re glad we’ve reached an agreement. Everyone is happy, some are happier, but this is a process that has many parties and is very complex, he said. He said that the Provisional Credit Council would support the settlement, and the next step would be to implement a settlement, which they must make sure it is done properly.

President of the Association of Vendors Marin Pucar said ahead of the meeting that I think this is the finalization of the process today. I do not know what the Commercial Court will say because I’m not a judge, but I guess I will accept this concept of settlement. But the most important thing is that all Agrokor suppliers survived. I think the removal of the biggest obstacle for all the companies that have regressed obligations, bilingual conversations, I hope it is resolved. I’m sorry that Adris is not part of that story. Suppliers have contributed in all that way in the next four years we expect the marginal debt to be charged through this settlement.

We expect this Agrokor saga to end. The decision on how we will vote will be passed after we hear what the prime minister has to say, said the president of the Croatian Chamber of Agriculture and the small suppliers of Agrokor Mato Brlošić Provisional Council of Aggravation just before entering Ban Dvor at a meeting with the prime minister.

He also granted one of the three creditors who did not want to agree to the settlement proposal until the end – the Alca company.

After yesterday’s meeting of the suppliers’ association, they decided to support the settlement. They are happy, they say, because they will be charged better than they would charge for the Agrokor case by default or bankruptcy settlement.

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