Big Ben in restoration until 2021.


The clocks in the tower within the Westminster Palace, popularly known as Big Ben, who have hit a 13.7-tonne heavy bell for the last 157 years, will be separated from the clock for renovations.

It should be noted that the strokes will occasionally be heard, but only at important moments, such as New Year’s Eve.

“This program will preserve a long-term watch to protect and preserve its ‘habitat,’ Elizabeth Tower,” said Steve Jaggs, who maintains and cares about the watch.

As part of the rebuilding, Big Ben will be dismantled, and each of his teeth will be reviewed and restored. And the hands will be restored and cleaned.

The clock will continue to show time, but quietly. It will be powered by a modern electric motor to reset the original mechanism.

The reconstruction would change the black and gold color of the frame of the eighties and, according to the original Victorian style, it should be applied to green and gold.

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