Coproductions of the Zagreb Opera and Sferisterio Festival in Macerata


At the prestigious Italian Operetta Festival Sferisterio in Macerata, Puccini’s Turandot was premiered under Piero Giorgia Morandi’s direction, directed by the renowned Italian soloist Stefan Ricci and Gianni Fortea, with the participation of Iréne Theorin, Stefan Pisanija, Alessandra Spina, Rudy Parka, Divinie Rodriguez, Andreja Porta, Gregory Bonfattija, Marcela Nardisa…

The same performance will be premiered on the scene of the Zagreb National Theater at the end of next season in co-production by the Opera House of the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb and the Opera Festival Sferisterio from Macerata.

Adaptation to the closed Zagreb scene will be provided by the same team; Conductor Pier Giorgio Morandi, director Ricci / Forte, stage designer and light designer Nicolas Bovery, and costume designer Gianluca Sbicca, with the participation of soloist, choir and opera orchestra of Zagreb’s National Theater.

Turandot is the last opera by the great Italian composer Giacomo Puccini, who, grimaced by the sudden illness and death of 1924, failed to complete. The opera was completed by Franco Alfano two years later, according to a book written by Giuseppe Adami and Renato Simoni. In an effort to move away from the vertex, Puccini reached for German processing of the legends about the Chinese princess Turandot Friedrich Schiller, worked by the Italian writer Carlo Gozzi. The original story is based on the episode of Seven Beauties, Persian poet Nizam from the 12th century.
The cruel Chinese princess Turandot forces his potential noble prospects to answer three mysterious questions. One had already executed when the other, young Kalaf, who hides his name, hopelessly falls in love with the princess. Although they all begged him to give up, he still agreed to answer mysterious questions, and when he succeeded, he wanted to calm Turandot with love, not by force. After many dramatic events Kalaf and Turandot emerge in front of the people who celebrate the love that won the cold and proud princess. This very gorgeous and popular Puccini’s three-story opera is full of beautiful arias and suggestive scenes alternating with great scenes with chamber dramas full of dramas and tensions, sparking the world of far-off China.
PIER GIORGIO MORANDI is a distinguished Italian musician and conductor, who for the first ten years was the first oboe of the Milan Scale Orchestra. In 1989 he was awarded Bernstein’s award for conducting and became boss-conductor of the Roman Opera. Since 1991, he is a permanent guest conductor of the Budapest National Opera and the Royal Opera House in Stockholm. He has collaborated with numerous European and world opera houses, often with large European philharmonic orchestras.

STEFANO RICCI and GIANNI FORTE belong to the most active Italian directors. They completed the directing at the National Art Academy Silvio d’Amico and dramaturgy at the New York University in the class of Professor Edward Albee. They are also renowned for the successful romanian project wunderkammer soap, which opens the 2006 Festival Quartieri dell’arte. In addition to theatrical work they write television and film screenings and are the winners of many awards.



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