Bright Horizons International British School wins Top Award For Humanities

Bright Horizons-International British school of Zagreb has been awarded as being the 2021 year top humanities school in the world according to, a global registry listing over 5,000 private schools worldwide.

Each year, registered schools are evaluated for their hard work and accomplishments in a variety of categories. After having qualified last year as being one of the top 5 private humanities schools in the world, Bright Horizons IBSZ pressed forward by including additional humanities work and programs in their curriculum such as Mindfulness and Wellbeing workshops. Not only did this serve to further enhance learning for its growing number of Croatian and international students, but it also gained the recognition of as being this year’s top private school for humanities. Bright Horizons Founder and Principal is honoured by this achievement. “This is a huge success for us and shows that the path we are on is taking us into the right direction,” she commented. “We hope to have many more of these accomplishments in the future.” Bright Horizons IBSZ is a primary school in Zagreb which was founded in 2013 and currently has an enrolment of 153 pupils. Their mission is to offer joyful learning that provides children with the skills and motivation needed to thrive in an ever-changing world.