Business: Zagreb Expat formed a new branch GO LOCAL

New community GO LOCAL is providing information on local products and restaurants that have delivery service during the Covid-19 crisis. GO LOCAL was formed in collaboration with International Women’s Club Zagreb with whom they have been collaborating both on social and charity events for years.

Zagreb Expat, an English-language portal for the Croatian business and international community in Zagreb that provides literally everything you need to live in Zagreb, from doctors, lawyers, restaurants and real estate agencies to schools, language training and places to meet other members of the expatriate community, formed a few days ago a new branch called Expats in Zagreb GO LOCAL. Embassies, International Woman’s Club Zagreb as well as local producers have been supportive since forming of the group. Joining the group you will find information on how to order coffee, meat products, wine, covenience food producer, pastry and bread, beer and local vegetables and fruits.

„People are aware of the struggles that foreigners face when settling in a new country and on some level this is completely relate-able because we have all relocated at some point in our lives and knowing this some of us go out of our way to be helpful. Foreigner or domestic we are all fully aware that the road to recovery will be difficult and hard, but we as a community we can and we will achieve this only when work together for a better tomorrow,  said GO LOCAL founder Morana Petričević when asked about peoples involved in community today.


To join please follow the link bellow