Croatia needs stronger economic and political cooperation


Hundreds of members and guests gathered at the event of the German-Croatian Industrial and Trade Chamber which took place on Thursday, September 27, in Zagreb, in the evening. The host of the event was a company member of the Chamber KM Kovnica.

KM Kovnica is the largest metal processing and processing factory in Croatia. In its two plants measuring over 8,000 square meters in Pisarovo, it employs 330 people.The gathering was welcomed by the member of the Board of Directors of the German-Croatian Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Managing Director of its exclusive member RBA Croatia, Michael Müller, who also announced the following two events of the Chamber: the traditional AHK-Oktoberfest which will be held on October 11 at the Božarski dom u Zagrebu delegation travel of members and administration to the German federal provinces of North Rhine and Westphalia, and Rhineland and Falkland from 6 to 9 November.

In his brilliant presentation, KM Kovnice owner Christian Gutgsell stressed that a better linkage and cooperation between politics and economy is needed to strengthen the Croatian economy. It plays an important role in the education that is still separate from the market in Croatia and insufficiently focused on the transfer of practical knowledge and skills, said Gutgsell, adding that this is certainly one of the reasons for high youth unemployment in Croatia. A good example is Germany, where students in the dual vocational education spend 70% of their time working in companies and who have for the most part the lowest unemployment rate for young people in the European Union. In Germany, the economy is the driver of education, economic and employment policies, Gutgsell stressed and invited companies in Croatia to engage more intensively about the dual education system.

The rest of the evening was spent in a pleasant atmosphere and conversation and exchange of experiences with food and drink. We look forward to the next Jour fixe at the end of October in co-operation with Klett’s Profile!

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