Croatia sending aid to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Montenegro for fight against COVID-19

Croatian Foreign and European Affairs Minister Gordan  Grlic Radman said on Saturday that Croatia would send protective gear to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Montenegro and that shipments were worth HRK 1.2 million (€158,000).

Zagreb will send shipments of protective masks, tents, blankets, sleeping bags, and so on. “In this way, we strengthen our friendship and cooperation,” Minister Grlic Radman said.

He added that Croatia had tackled the coronavirus epidemic in the most organised manner in comparison to other European countries. Minister Grlic Radman also said on Saturday morning that a plane transporting 122 European citizens, including 73 Croats, is expected to land at Zagreb’s airport from Dubai on Saturday. The plane of FlyDubai company is due to arrive in Zagreb around 1300 hrs. Apart from the Croatians, there are citizens of Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Hungary aboard the aircraft. Coordinated efforts taken by Croatia’s embassies and consulates worldwide have enabled 1,900 Croatians, who got stuck in various parts of Europe, Africa and Asia due to the coronavirus epidemic, to return to the homeland to date.