Diva Tereza Kesovija received a prestigious award

For her dedicated work on connecting Croatia and France through culture, a rich career in both countries and the promotion of the French language and chanson – the diva of our music scene Tereza Kesovija received a prestigious award Officer of the Order of Arts and Literature.

Photo: Damir Krajač/Cropix

She deserved it because of the numerous guest appearances of French artists in Croatia, but also with her concerts and songs in French, as the Ambassador of that country, His Excellency Gael Francois Veyssière, said here.

– I have countless recognitions, but France is deep in my heart because I have been in it since 1965. And that is the beauty of my profession, which is recognized for its work on the unity of the two countries, she said, adding that even if she does not achieve anything in life, this recognition will be kept in her heart, said Tereza Kesovija.

Son of Tereza Kesovija, Alan Ungar with his wife Ljiljana


Ministrica Nina Obuljen Koržinek i profesorica Alemka Markotić


Ksenija Urličić i Tereza Kesovija


Tereza Kesovija, veleposlanik Gael Veyssiere i supruga Anthi