Five Reasons Why You Must Go to Weekend.16

The largest regional conference brings together the best experts again.

The Weekend Media Festival is one of the region’s most interesting and inspiring events, which brings together the biggest global and domestic experts from the media, communications, and business world. Starting this year, Weekend.16 has been enriched with the first HR.Weekend, a new festival dedicated to human resources that will host global and regional experts from the HR industry. The importance of the Weekend is indicated by the fact that the brand itself has grown together with Rovinj, where it has been held for sixteen years in the old Tobacco Factory and extends the summer season until the last September weekend, which this year is from the 21st to the 24th. Isn’t that an ideal way to say goodbye to summer and start the autumn season with a handful of new ideas? If you need any more reasons to come to Weekend.16, we’ve got them below.

Interesting lecturers and current topics are the starting point by which the Weekend organizing team has been guided for 16 years. Last year it was the metaverse and Web 3.0; this year it is artificial intelligence (AI), which is present in all industries today. By listening to the needs of the market, top lecturers come to the Weekend to satisfy curious minds eager for new knowledge! Inspiring panels of renowned lecturers will discuss current topics that shape contemporary reality. For example, Kishore Mahbubani, former president of the UN Security Council, who initiates dialogue on key issues of contemporary society, will talk about how to shape a better future at the Weekend.

An ideal opportunity to conclude new business deals is just one more reason why coming to Rovinj’s Weekend.16 is unavoidable! It is a place of meeting, inspiration, and endless business opportunities. Weekend Media Festival has become a magnet for experts, professionals, and entrepreneurs from the world of media and communications, and the treasure of different skills opens the door for incredible collaborations. People talk about important things in an informal, relaxed atmosphere, so many good collaborations resulted from these gatherings. Maybe you will be the creator of an incredible business story!


Socializing with the team from the entire region is one of the key values of the Weekend. It’s a whirlwind of euphoria hanging out with the team! This is a unique opportunity to meet people from different cultures, industries, and cities from all over the region, which will make the festival experience unforgettable and filled with boundless joint energy. There are no strangers, borders, or obstacles at the Weekend – only a sense of freedom and togetherness! Acquaintances are made quickly and easily, because the atmosphere is open and friendly, and these are the ingredients for a great festival!

Partying until the early morning hours will ensure that you remember the most exciting Weekend of the year for a very long time! The fun at the Weekend doesn’t stop even when the stars replace the sun, because that’s when the Weekend shines the brightest. The evening concerts and unforgettable parties are the soul of this widely known Festival. Apart from the desire for new knowledge and ideas that unites all participants, the love for a good time is one that never ends. The unique music program is certainly worth packing your bags and coming to Rovinj!

If this wasn’t enough, the last swim in September is an opportunity not to be missed. While others are returning from vacations, the sun is still warm enough, the sea is at an ideal temperature, and there are fewer and fewer tourists. This also means an opportunity to enjoy the last rays of the sun and totally surrender to the charms of beautiful Rovinj, which, according to many, is one of the most beautiful cities on the coast of Croatia. Is there a better combination than Weekend and the beach?

Considering all the above, there is no other way than to secure your place under the sun as soon as possible on the most exciting Weekend of the year! For more information about the Weekend Media Festival, visit