Presented program of the 16th Weekend Media Festival in Rovinj; the first festival video created with the help of AI technology

What is the secret of trap’s success, can we beat artificial intelligence and how to build a company and not sell it at the height of fame, are just some of the topics that will spice up the September gathering of experts and enthusiasts from the world of communications, marketing and business on Weekend.16. Current topics and the latest trends are in the program schedule of this year’s Weekend Media Festival, which will be held in Rovinj from September 21 to 24 in the premises of the old Tobacco Factory, and which were also announced at the Weekend gathering in the center of Zagreb, where Zoran Šprajc spoke, Damir Smrtić, Petar Štefanić, Hajdi Ćenan and many others.

Weekend Media Festival has always been a leader in following and moving the latest trends in media and communications. This year, the biggest novelty is the integration of artificial intelligence in the organization of the festival. As a true leader in setting trends, Weekend for the first time has a promo video made with the help of AI technology.

Weekend.16 thus opened the door to new creative horizons, so the program will include When AI Meets Creation, an exhibition of photographs created with the help of artificial intelligence. The panel AI era: Innovate, implement, dominate powered by UGP will also deal with this current topic, and we will learn more about it from Dražen Oreščanin, Ace Momčilović and Hajdi Ćenan under the moderatorship of Dražen Tomić. For 16 years now, the Festival has been fulfilling its mission to bring a series of educational topics and burning questions that attract the biggest names from the world of media, communications and business. Thus, this year’s program will discuss TV formats that have survived the fight against new media at the TV Survival Kit panel, and panelists Mia Kovačić, Joško Lokas and Antonija Blaće will share their TV experiences with moderator Peter Štefanić. (P)remaining independent is the key to every personal and professional success, so the How to (p)remain independent panel with Ivan Bešlić and Nikola Dujmović, founders of Sofascore and SPANA, two of the fastest growing Croatian IT companies, reveals to the audience how and why not to sell yourself on peak of fame. Every mistake carries with it the potential for growth if we look at it as an opportunity to learn, and Ivana Galić Baksa, Tomislav Klauški and Vladimir Preselj will talk about Where PR people go wrong with moderator Nevena Rendela Vejzović.
How entrepreneurs are presented in the media and why they are always “controversial”, find out on the panel Controversial entrepreneur from Aleksandar Stanković, Zoran Šprajc, Tihomir Ladišić, Zoran Turković and Hrvoj Bujas. In addition, Goran Vinčić, Tin Vodopivec and Zoran Kesić will explore humor in the region and find out what’s funny there. The Trap panel from Vardar to Triglav will enable all visitors to explore the musical phenomenon that has infected the entire region and get to know the world of trap. Relja, one of the most famous regional rappers, and Đorđe Trbović, director and executive producer of the publishing house IDJ videos, along with Zembo Latif, who is a well-known name in the rap scene, will reveal whether trap is what r’n’r used to be. In order not to stop at the story, Grše will explain everything in a live concert. With his vision and breaking records on the hit lists, he confirmed his status as one of the most important performers on the regional music scene. In addition to this musical phenomenon, visitors can expect the Big Perica Party with Dina Antonić and the DVP band, but also good live concerts and parties.

Since its very beginnings, Weekend has been synonymous with connecting different industries, as it gathers domestic and international experts from different fields. This year, the most prominent name will be the Singaporean diplomat and former president of the UN Security Council, Kishore Mahbubani, and the program will be marked by the most famous Croatian woman in the world of luxury fashion, Tanya Golesic, one of the most respected war photographers, Jan Grarup, the legend of the advertising world, Ralph Van Dijk, one of leading Croatian astronomer Korado Korlević and many others. In addition to memorable entertainment, current topics, interesting discussions, this year’s program will also be enriched by the Weekend Cinema, which will include the premiere of the documentary series Happy Cities: Copenhagen, author and HRT journalist Martina Validžić.
Weekend continues to follow current trends and questions and represents a space where answers and solutions can be found. You can find a detailed program here, and you can follow all the news via Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin profiles.