Gospodari svjetla : A regional market leader

In 2020, this largest European manufacturer and distributor of light decorations added this Croatian company to its ranks, which thus became the 27th subsidiary of Blachere Illumination in the world.

The company Gospodari svjetla has been in the light decorations business since 1999. Continuous investments, education, following trends and many years of position as a regional market leader in the field of light decorations, were recognized last year by the French group Blachere Illumination.

Occasional, mostly Christmas decorations, make the largest part of the business of Blachere Illumination – Gospodari svjetla and that’s the company behind the Christmas editions of more than 60% of shopping centres in Croatia, and are in charge of Christmas decorations in more than 120 cities and municipalities as well as numerous facilities, restaurants, hotels.

The company’s business is not limited to Croatia, but covers the entire SEE region, which in addition to Croatia consists of Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Montenegro. In the region, Blachere Illumination – Gospodari svjetla, is behind major projects such as the Belgrade Shopping Mall, Promenada shopping centre Novi Sad, The Capital Plaza in Podgorica, the city of Budva, the city of Maribor and many others.

Part of that successful business story and spreading in the SEE region was presentation of lighting decorations for ski resorts that company Blachere Illumination – Gospodari svjetla held at the begining of this September. For their first destination for such presentation they choose Olympic Center Jahorina in Bosnia and Herzegovina. As a part of the official program, international sales manager Julien Laurent presented the French group Blachere Illumination and the team Blachere Illumination – Gospodari svjetla gave their guests more information’s about trends, their experience in decorating and concrete offer of lighting decorations.

„In Bosnia and Herzegovina today I see something similar as the situation and experience that we had in Croatia before ten years. Market is spreading and growing, clients are looking for something different and new, but existing offer on the market can’t respond to that. This is the main reason because we choose this destination as first to present lighting decorations for ski resorts. We want to offer a step forward, move away from just a classic lighting decorations, give new solutions and raise the standard of quality of lighting decoration in Bosnia and Herzegovina“, said Željko Fresl, director of the company Blachere Illumination – Gospodari svjetla.

Guests at the Olympic Center Jahorina also had a opportunity to see live some of lighting decorations that was mentioned during the presentation. Garlands, 2D and 3D motifs, lighting decorations that take the breath away, was part of this event called Magically illuminated Jahorina.

Knowledge, special skills and experience of the people who make up the team Blachere Illumination – Gospodari svjetla, but also large production capacities of top quality light decorations, guarantee that the company can meet all business challenges and provide complete service and support in all phases of the project.

The company Blachere Illumination – Gospodari svjetla is available to its clients from the development of the idea and its simulation, to the implementation, ie the realization on the terrain. Regardless of the size and complexity of the project, the demands of the installations themselves, they will find and realize the best light decorations solution for each individual client.

Each year, the company Blachere Illumination – Gospodari svjetla presents part of its offer of light decorations as part in a showroom, which is also the largest showroom of light decorations in the region. It features over 120 Christmas 2D and 3D light motifs, various types of commemorative lighting, but also motifs from the new Easter & Spring collection of light decorations.

The wide range of light decorations, of top design and performance, is accompanied by the strategy of environmental responsibility. This is not an empty word on a piece of paper, but a really high level of environmental awareness, which is visible by the two innovations that the company has introduced into its production processes since 2019 : Bioprint and Recyprint, which in practice means that the light decorations are made from biodegradable and recycled materials. Bioprint involves the production of sugar cane decorations, and Recyprint the production of decorations from used plastic bottles, which drastically reduces the negative impact that light decorations can potentially have on the environment.

Bearing in mind the people behind the name Blachere Illumination, the quality of their products and the mission to use the power of light decorations, their knowledge and experience to amaze, surprise, stimulate emotions and create fairy tales, this is just a continuation of a successful business story.