An iconic brand that cares for the beauty of the skin from the inside to the outside arrived in Croatia!


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The Brands Perricone MD has a holistic approach to the beauty and beauty of you and your skin. Dr. In 1997, Nicholas Perricone, a dermatologist, nutritionist, inventor, scientist and philanthropist, established a brand in a three-part program that helps in relieving inflammatory processes in cells and in combating the causes of these processes for healthy body and skin: anti-inflammatory nutrition, targeted nutritional supplements and topical nutrients rich in antioxidants. Since then, Perricone MD has become a world leader in skin care based on scientific research and innovation.

The Perricone MD line includes high performance topical products (products directly applied to the skin), nutraceuticals (nutritional supplements that together with their nutritional value are simultaneously effective in skin care) and cosmetics.
Effective topical treatments from the Perricone MD line help fight aging agents and deliver amazing results for beautiful youthful skin, which in combination with dietary supplements means optimal care. A unique line of nutraceuticals Perricone MD acts on a cellular level and contains nutrients rich in antioxidants that help preserve the health and beauty of the inside and outside and relieve skin damage.
In 2015, Perricone MD launched the “No Make-Up Make-Up” line, which represents a new category of decorative cosmetics. This decorative skin care line has the highest protective factor from harmful sun rays, which greatly helps in combating the common signs of aging and loss of youthful tense.

All Perricone MD products have revolutionized the anti-aging product category, and our market was introduced by Perricone’s main ambassador and principal educator, Mr. Dan Perry, and Director of Vitaminoteka Darija Vranešić Bender, who pointed out:
“The function and appearance of the skin depend largely on the diet. Modern nutrition science over the last few years also includes a special discipline that focuses on the relationship between particular nutritional formulas, foods and ingredients of food and skin health. Namely, research shows that certain food-derived ingredients can be biologically relevant for optimal skin condition.
One of the most exciting areas of nutritional dermatology is the use of food and nutrition in the prevention of photostarage and anti-aging programs. Earlier studies have shown that certain groups of foods such as fish, vegetables and vegetable oils (especially extra virgin olive oil) act protectively in the formation of wrinkles, and increased intake of meat, dairy products and sugar increases the appearance of wrinkles. Numerous studies have shown that antioxidant effects of various plant pigments are being used in anti-aging medicine. These are red pineapple anthocyte pigments, green pigment chlorophyll from green vegetables, yellow curcumin curcumin, orange and red carotenoid pigment from various fruits, vegetables and algae, and phycocianine from Spirulina algae. One of the first authors to popularize this area about 15 years ago was the American dermatologist Nicholas Perricone, publishing three books in which he discussed the issues of beautiful, healthy and young skin through diet and special care. He has devoted his professional life to dermatology, and he especially intrigued the relationship between diet and skin health and the use of nutrients in therapy and prevention of frequent imperfections of the skin. ”

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