Italian-Croatian Chamber of Commerce : Business Reward 2019. and the 5th jubilee in Croatia

The gala dinner held at the Mimara Museum in  Zagreb, sponsored by the Ministry of the Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts, and with the support of the City of Zagreb and the Embassy of the Republic of Italy, was awarded the Ita Cro business reward 2019.

Italian – Croatian Business reward is an initiative that promotes, protects and strengthens the image of Italian entrepreneurship in Croatia. With this award, we pay tribute to the members of the Chamber, who have distinguished themselves with their business operations and achieved significant and noticeable results in Croatia, thus promoting excellent bilateral relations between our two countries.
The contribution made by Italian entrepreneurs in Croatia over the years, in terms of exports, income, jobs and support to the state budget through contributions and contributions, is evidence that the reality of Italian investors in Croatia is based on strong industrial and commercial foundations.
The event also aims to promote the City of Zagreb, Zagreb County and the whole of Croatia, which have always been heavily engaged in creating a positive business climate and are a desirable destination for foreign investors.
The evening was attended by Chamber members, Secretary of State Min. Economies Zdenko Lucić, Do Speaker of the Parliament, Furio Radin, Deputy Chief of Economy of the City of Zagreb, Filip Ćurko,Counsellor Daniele Borrelli, acting on that occasion as chargé d’affaires a.i. of the Italian Embassy in Zagreb , ​​President of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce Rijeka Vidoje Vujić, Secretary General of the Croatian Community of Counties, Melita Pavlek, representatives of bilateral chambers of commerce in Croatia, Italian and Croatian entrepreneurs.
The President of the Italian-Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Francesco Ruffoli, in his welcoming speech stressed the importance of the Chamber in promoting the bilateral economic relations between Italy and Croatia, referred to the first five years of the Chamber’s work. “The first years were not easy, we were looking for the right path, making strategies and plans, slowly starting to appear in public, first with small initiatives, and with time bigger and more important, and now I can proudly say that we have done a great job!
We have become a relevant chamber of commerce, an important factor recognized by Croatia and Italy, a member of the Assocamerestero network, present in 57 countries, and are in the process of being recognized by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development. I am sure with this energy, but above all the synergy among our members, local authorities and Italian institutions, with the system “Paese”, the diplomatic network of Italy in Croatia, we will create even better initiatives and even more activities, providing support and services to our members. and to all Italian investors who are just looking to create their story in Croatia, we have become a point of reference. More and more active, more structured, more present, we are a winning team and we will not stop here! ”

State Secretary, Zdenko Lucic, addressing the attendees, referred to the bilateral relations between Italy and Croatia: “In total FDI, Italy ranks very high in 4th place. In the last 25 years, just over € 3.2 billion has been invested from Italy to Croatia.
Investors from Italy were among the first investors in our country, and today they are at the top of the countries that invest most in Croatia. Also, almost 18,000 members of the Italian national minority live in Croatia, 70% of them in Istria, a bilingual region where the Italian language is equal to Croatian. This is a great opportunity to thank you for every project, every investment, trust and contribution to the national economy.
Also, through your investments and success stories, Croatia strengthens its business image and I believe that many more interesting companies from Italy and around the world are waiting for us. “On behalf of the City of Zagreb, Mr. Filip Ćurko thanked all Italian entrepreneurs, all investors who found a partner in Zagreb and gave their full support to the Italian Croatian Chamber of Commerce, not only for this event, but for all the initiatives of the Chamber.
In a very emotional speech, he spoke to the guests of Mr Furio Radin, recalling from the outset a small group of entrepreneurs who formed an advisory body and slowly grew into an Association to become a relevant chamber of commerce, while Mr Daniele Borrelli, Counsellor at the Italian Embassy, ​​emphasized traditionally friendly relations between our two countries, and emphasized the geographical importance of Croatia, which by its position enables Italian investors a starting point for the overall market of Southeast Europe.
The Board of Directors of the Italian Croatian Chamber of Commerce had no easy task, to choose three entrepreneurs who have distinguished themselves in business this year, because indeed every member of the Chamber is an extremely important link in this business chain and is an important factor in creating economic relations, but also wonderful co-operation, friendly atmosphere and almost one large family of the Chamber, said Secretary-General Andrea Perkov.



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