José Vicente Rangel: opposition has reached the limit of what is tolerable in democracy

For the journalist and political analyst José Vicente Rangel the attitude of an opposition sector has reached the limit of what is tolerable in a democracy, which acts to overthrow a legitimate government elected by the people.

“They have appealed fundamentally to the violence as the use of rights enshrined in the constitution as the right to manifest as an instrument to exert violence,” he said Sunday in the editorial of his television program transmitted by Televen .

It considers that in this scenario of violence sustained by radical factors of the right, the Government must act within the framework of the laws to return the peace in the country.

“Faced with this challenge, the democratic government and the rule of law are obliged to use the resources that the constitution and laws of the Republic foresee in these emergencies.” I do not support the repression that involves the violation of human rights, if not what the Law consecrates to prevent that the crime is imposed and that antidemocratic factors accede to the power, exhorted during its editorial section.

He emphasized that the existence of an escalation of violence prepared in detail and executed with rigor has the purpose of chaotizing the country, as confirmed by the opposition hide behind the articles 333 and 350 of the Constitution to declare rebellion against the State and Government .

“Two trends are opening up: one is the beginning of a stage of dialogue with Chavismo and the other one that raises as the only option to radicalize the positions of a sector of the right, this implies the ignorance of the public powers through the employment in depth of the violence.”

He added that before that scenario the Government could use its security and intelligence agencies to neutralize the seditious actions of an opposition sector.