The first round of negotiations on Brexit: the start time for ‘work’

British negotiators and those from the European Union, in charge of the negotiations on Brexit, met today in Brussels, announcing they are ready to work in the first round of concrete negotiations on the conditions for British exit from the European Union.

We started well this past month, but now we are entering the essence of things, British Secretary for Brexit David Davis told reporters when he welcomed EU negotiator Michel Barnier in the European Commission in Brussels. For us, it is extremely important that we are making good progress now, added Davis, who held the first official day of negotiations, one month after the British voted to leave the EU.

Barnier said, “Now we will immerse ourselves into the very core of things. We need to consider and compare their positions to make good progress.

Both negotiators refused further comment, but Barnier said the media would report on Thursday after their negotiating teams spend four days discussing a whole range of important issues.


Source: Agencies