Luxury assured: JIR announces five-year warranty across all new range rover, defender and discovery models

A five-year manufacturer warranty on all new Range Rover, Defender and Discovery models started from  1st September 2023. The initiative will give clients added assurance and peace of mind when with choosing a vehicle from one of JLR’s luxury brands.


  • Warranty promise for Range Rover, Defender and Discovery brands extended from three to five years or 150,000 kilometres, whichever comes first, from 1st September
  • All Range Rover, Defender and Discovery models are covered, including mild hybrid and plug-in Electric Hybrid examples
  • Initiative applies to all models throughout Europe and aims to optimise the ownership experience for clients, bringing the brands into line with Jaguar
  • Initiative will also see owners benefit from five years of InControl Remote connectivity from 1st September


The new warranty promise applies to all models throughout Europe and extends the existing three-year warranty to provide protection for up to five years or 150,000 kilometres – whichever comes first.

As a result, clients will be comprehensively protected by the warranty and continue to benefit from the highest quality of service for longer than ever.

In addition, Range Rover, Defender and Discovery clients will also enjoy InControl Remote connectivity for five years or 150,000 kilometres, which provides added convenience and organises assistance in the event of an emergency – in keeping with the modern luxury brand experiences that JLR aims to provide.

Three-year warranties are standard within the automotive industry, so the introduction of a five-year policy ensures Range Rover, Defender and Discovery are going beyond for their clients. All models from each of the brands will be covered by the new five-year warranty, including mild and plug-in Electric Hybrids, from 1st September 2023.

The new warranties mean clients across the JLR house of brands will enjoy the same level of protection, as Jaguar models have benefitted from a five-year warranty since 1st July 2022.

The extension of the existing promise aims to improve the service experience of clients and owners during the cover period, while also allowing both private users and commercial operators to transparently calculate maintenance and operating costs over a longer period.

The new five-year warranty will improve the ownership experience and promises to have a positive impact on the residual values of the Range Rover, Defender and Discovery models. This will, in turn, provide benefits when marketing pre-owned examples. In the longer term, higher residual values bring down the cost of ownership by driving more competitive leasing and finance terms.

The extended access to InControl Remote connectivity will also be available from 1st September for all newly registered models. It allows users to interact with their vehicle effortlessly and intuitively, even over long distances. The smartphone app can be used to check the remaining fuel level and state of charge and to see whether doors and windows are closed or open. InControl Remote also optimises roadside assistance and automatically sends an emergency call if necessary.