Saša Muminović, PhD, President of SLO-CRO Business Club : Excellent time to resolve any open political issues

For Diplomacy & Commerce magazine, we have asked officials, ambassadors, directors and presidents of chambers of commerce  for their opinion on political and economic challenges that awaits Croatia in 2020 and the key challenges on a global scale.

Saša Muminović, PhD, President of SLO-CRO Business Club for  Diplomacy&Commerce says:

  1. What political and economic challenges await Croatia in 2020?

 Croatia’s entry into the Schengen area is again putting the spotlight on the relations with neighbouring Slovenia. Despite satisfying the technical criteria, the entry is also a political issue – whether we want it to be or not. Now is an excellent opportunity to re-establish the dialogue and to finally resolve any open political issues which cast a dark shadow on the excellent economic relations between the two countries.

 2.What will be the key challenges on a global scale?

In the last few years, the world has been flooded with populism that will have great consequences in the long run. For this reason, one of the great challenges is the path to sobriety; in other words, politics must again become the art of the possible. This is especially important in the time when we are already facing a slowdown in economic activity.

The latest crisis that has arisen from the real estate and banking sectors has shown how global economy is interconnected and vulnerable. We can currently only speculate on the source of the new crisis and how it will manifest itself, but we are sure that the paradigm of sustainable development and the circular economy is the direction of future development. Climate change is one of the key challenges and path of the solution.