Simone Micheli on the “Potential of Luxury Tourism” at the REXPO 2017 Fair

The aim of the REXPO 2017 Fair is to give the talented Italian architect and designer an opportunity to inspire potential investors to invest in the development of luxury tourism in Croatia. Simone Micheli is one of the most famous names in the field of architectural design in Europe.

He has worked on various projects, so in his portfolio there are hotels, clubs, cafes, wellness centers, private real estates, public institutions, galleries, etc. In the past couple of years, his focus is on the restoration of old neglected buildings such as palaces, couriers and summer houses is breathing new life. Respecting all the strict principles of the profession, in each of these buildings is working on the realization of a perfect combination of old and modern to create luxurious buildings that with their appearance and comfort can satisfy the taste of the most demanding clients.

Croatia has great potential for the development of such a luxurious segment of tourism, as there are many smaller or more neglected real estates in the continental part of the coast, many of which have a glorious past and those who have renewed would have the potential for the same future.

This potential will be one of the topics that will be highlighted on the second day of the REXPO 2017 fair. And for this reason, the second day of the fair – HTL Day, will be opened by Simone Micheli, who will present a vision of his luxury real estate offer to inspire potential investors to decide to invest in the development of this segment of tourism in Croatia.