Diplomacy&Commerce Croatia debuts on Monday!

The new member of Diplomacy&Commerce family, the Croatian issue is going to be available from Tuesday, 7th of November, in Croatia! A result of years of expertise, this new magazine will be available via subscription and mail lists.

Diplomacy&Commerce is a syndication of the Economist magazine and in the very first issue we bring you a fresh news, comments and analyses from Croatian economic, political and diplomatic community. The readers of Diplomacy&Commerce will also have the exclusive opportunity to read three integral articles from The Economist written by its prominent foreign-affairs, industry, business and finance columnists in every issue of D&C. Also, it will contain two appendices, called In Focus, one dedicated to Germany, and the other dedicated to the United Kingdom. In other words, In Focus presents bilateral and economic cooperation between Germany and Croatia, as well as between Croatia and UK.

The official debut will be, together with the promotion, in the British Embassy in Zagreb on Monday, 6th of November.