Diplomacy&Commerce Launched in Croatia!

Diplomacy&Commerce Croatia magazine was launched on November 6th 2017 at the residence of UK Ambassador in Zagreb. The launch party was attended by many illustrious guests from the cultural, political, business and diplomatic community of Croatia.

The welcome of all the guests was hosted by the host H.E. British ambassador Andrew Dalgleish, H. E. Thomas E. Schultze, Ambassador of Germany, Mr Robert Čoban president of Color Media Communications-publisher of Diplomacy and Commerce magazine and Boban Spasojevic executive director of D&C Croatia addressed the guests and shared their impressions about the magazine.

Ambassadors of UK and Germany expressed their gratification and pleasure because the first issue of DC Croatia included special publications dedicated to UK and Germany and their bilateral relationships with Croatia. This eminent event hosted many other state and diplomatic officials such as Mustafa Babur Hizlah, Ambassador of Turkey, H. E. Jurij Priputen, Ambassador of Slovakia, H. E. Mohammad Reza Sadegh, Ambassador of Iran, Adrianao Chiodi Cianfaram, Ambassador of Italy, H. E. Mihail Gregorie, Ambassador of Romania, H. E. Miroslav Kolatko, Ambassador of the Czech Republic, H. E. Neil Benevides, Ambassador of Brazil, H. E. Won-Sup Park Ambassador of the Republic of Korea and Mr. Gordan Markotic adviser in the Croatian Ministry of Economy, previous ambassador of Croatia to Serbia. Advisor at the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Republic of Croatia and former Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia to Serbia.

The team of DC of Croatia also hosted the representatives of the British, Turkish, German and Austrian chambers of commerce, the director of the Foreign Investors Council Mladen Fogec, the HGK Vice President Želimir Kramarić, the Croatian National Theater contingent Dubravka Vrgoč, the Executive Director of the Croatian National Bank Alemka Lisinki and many other prominent guests from the fields of economy, culture, sports, media and art from Croatia and the region like Rene Bakalović, Toma Ric, Dejan Ljuština, Damjan Ljuština, Marina Krleža, Danijela Koletić and others.


In his speech at the launch event Mr. Robert Čoban said: “Since The Economist with whom we are publishing Diplomacy&Commerce is a British brand – I often like to quote one of the greatest statesmen of the United Kingdom – Winston Churchill. „Business as usual” that is something we have been implementing during the past 25 years in our publishing house since it was established. Most of you remember what we’ve been through in the region for the past 25 years and only with the “business as usual” sentence it is possible to work and develop a publishing business. The second sentence from Churchill’s May 1940 speech “We shall fight on the beaches” also reflects our desire to fight for our readers on all fronts – “on the sea, in the air, on the beaches … ” as it was said by Churchill. We believe that such development is possible only if we all in the region cooperate- of course with the support of countries such as Germany and Great Britain whose ambassadors are with us tonight!”

Magazine Diplomacy & Commerce is a monthly in English language intended for the diplomatic and business community in Croatia, covering the areas from the economy to tourism and culture.