The first Grazia Best Of Beauty Awards ceremony was held

Numerous celebrities did not miss this event, including as many as 50 winners of the award of the same name.
The beauty industry is one of the fastest growing. To be the best is the aspiration of many, and a satisfied consumer and the profession are the most valued criteria. They are confirmation that we are on the right path and that the work and investment have paid off.

In Zagreb’s Peta Kupe, for the first time, an award ceremony called “Grazia Best of Beauty 2023” was held, where there was no shortage of good atmosphere, magical ambience, pleasant company and interesting categories. The charismatic Ida Prester led the guests through an interesting program, and Gina Damjanović was in charge of good entertainment. Numerous beauty enthusiasts and guests enjoyed a wonderful evening receiving their awards and celebrating beauty in all its forms.
Just some of the many famous faces who did not miss this first Grazia event are Franka Batelić, Nika Turković, Nela Đinđić, Zvonimir Franić, Ivana Delač, Andrea Andrassy, Renata Končić Minea, Tončica Čeljuska, Mario Battifiaca, Lana Puljić, Lidija Lešić, Jelena Perić , Brita Bobetić, Matea Ibanez, Matea Miljan, Mateja Sučević, Mia Matić, Luna Valas, Simona Antonović, Martina Kallos, Evelin Benković, Katica Topčić, Ana Andabak, Senja Vild, Dr. Ivana Ljkubičić Prkačin, Dr. Ana Maletić, Dr. Martina Šarec Ivelj, Dr. Dino Kaliterna, Dr. Nikola Milojević, Dr. Tomica Bagatin, Ines Preindl, Tena Bašić, Boris Banović, Barbara Repe, Ivana Vukušić, Sandi Pego, Cindy Šoštarić, Ismael Hadžić, Martina Filić, Edina Pršić Babić, Anamarija Brkić, Paula Puskaš, Dora Barker and many others.
The organizing team would like to thank the members of the first Grazia Best of Beauty Awards jury. They are responsible for drawing attention and putting emphasis on domestic and foreign brands that lead the way with their quality, and thus contribute to the development and improvement of this rapidly growing industry. The jury consisted of a team of distinguished experts: Dr. Ana Štanfel Hauser, hair stylist Katica Topčić, beauty influencer Agnieszka Wirkus, Dr. Nevia Delalle, makeup artist Simona Antonović, hair stylist Ivan Bošnjak, makeup artist Sonja Kvesić, Dr. Ivana Ljubičić Prkačin, beauty influencer Dubravka Pleško, hair stylist Evelin Benković, Dr. Nika Franceschi, hair stylist Zvonimir Franić, makeup artist Ivana Lončar, beauty influencer Eva Stapić, makeup artist Petra Sever, beauty influencer Magdalena Ivić, beauty influencer Tamara Obrvan, hair stylist Mirna Barr, master beautician Antonija Tretinjak.
The awards were designed and created by the artist, jewelry designer and sculptor with 18 years of career and creation, Nenad Sovilj. His expression and recognizable style, which are reflected in the design of the award, contribute to the significance and importance it carries. In addition to recognition, numerous winners took home art from the award ceremony that will decorate the winners’ homes and workplaces and always remind them of the night of the victory.