Ticket Sales for “Novi Sad Oktoberfest” Have Started

The Novi Sad Oktoberfest will be held this year on October 6th and 7th in a real Bavarian atmosphere in a large beer tent in front of TC Promenade in Novi Sad.

You will be able to enjoy more than 100 types of beer, 20 types of sausages, leberkeze, and pretzels with some of the best musicians from this area. This year, the following will perform on the stage of the “Novi Sad Oktoberfest”: BrkoviAtheist RapBlaža and KljunoviOrthodox CeltsABBA Ring Band, and ACDC Tribute Band.

According to tradition, the event will be opened by representatives of the City of Novi Sad, the Secretariat for Economy and Tourism of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, the German Embassy in Belgrade, the German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce, as well as representatives of the German national community in Vojvodina.

As in previous years, during the performance breaks, visitors will be able to enjoy competitions such as the one in holding full beer mugs for a long time, in which both men and women participate in special categories. Just like last year, we will have a “Scream Booth” in which if you shout loud enough: “Beer!” be able to win free vouchers for your favorite drink. As before, visitors will be able to reserve tables or individual seats.

Details of the program and how it was in previous years can be viewed HERE.

Ticket sales on the website and ticket offices of GIGSTIX started on 21.07. and promotional prices of RSD 500 for one and RSD 800 for both days are valid until September 1, 2023.