VIDEO: Croatian nurses, firefighters, rescue service accept dance challenge

A couple of days ago Croatian police officers in the city of Pula put the call out to all fellow service workers whose spirits have not been broken during these testing times to do the Foot Shake Dance Oh Na Na Na challenge.

Their dance went viral as it was watched and shared thousands of times on social media.

“The earthquake wounded us, the coronavirus is breaking us, but our spirit, well, that is unbreakable. We are calling on all unbreakable spirits to retaliate,” the police said, and it did not take long for their challenge to be accepted with nurses and Zagreb’s firefighters getting in on the action.

“We are replying to the challenge from MUP. Neither the coronavirus pandemic, nor social distance, nor an earthquake involving 3100 interventions in two weeks can break our spirit. We are a little stronger than a chimney. We remain cheerful and positive and join in on the challenge.” The firefighters said.