Europe Week ended at European Square

On the occasion of Europe Week at the European Square, organized by the European Commission’s Representative Office in Croatia, was for the first time turned into an open-air cinema. More than 500 visitors to Europe Day were premiered by short … Continue reading

We are getting better by the day

Although one can always do better, our Ministry is of the opinion that, last year, we reached the optimal pace of competition launches and contracting Europe-funded projects. If it continues at this pace, Croatia will be able withdraw all 10.7 … Continue reading

Keep up with reforms

The EBRD 2020 Country Strategy adresses the key challenges Croatia should overcome to accelerate the economic growth. Among them are the improvements in the business environment, and better-quality infrastructure, especially railway and communal. EBRD intends to continue to support large … Continue reading

An iconic brand that cares for the beauty of the skin from the inside to the outside arrived in Croatia!

The Brands Perricone MD has a holistic approach to the beauty and beauty of you and your skin. Dr. In 1997, Nicholas Perricone, a dermatologist, nutritionist, inventor, scientist and philanthropist, established a brand in a three-part program that helps in … Continue reading