British Airways introducing flights to Pula and increasing frequencies to Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik

British Airways will resume its service to the coastal city of Pula and significantly increase the number of weekly flights to other destinations in Croatia from August, Croatian Aviation reports. 

The airline will increase the number of weekly flights from London to Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik, while service to Pula will be re-established also.

British Airways will re-introduce the London Heathrow – Pula service from August 1st with 2 weekly flights every Tuesday and Saturday.

London Heathrow – Zagreb is currently operating three times per week, but from August 1st British Airways will connect the two cities with daily flights.

London Heathrow – Dubrovnik relaunched on July 16th also with three weekly flights. From the beginning of August, this route will also run daily.

London Heathrow – Split has been operating from July 9th four times per week, but from August 2nd there will be nine weekly flights on this route. Daily flights are available (double daily every Monday and Sunday).

All BA flights to Croatia are departing from and arriving at Heathrow Airport now, earlier Dubrovnik was served from Gatwick Airport.